What to Wear to Disney World

Like I said on my Insta, raise for hand if you’re obsessed with Disney World, too! As a Florida native, I’m obsessed with going to Disney. I live about 2 hours south and lucky enough to visit frequently. 

I do believe that my Disney obsession gets bigger every time I go. Believe me it does NOT get old! There is always something new and excited going on. 

Today, I’m going to bring you a guideline to getting dressed for Disney World! 

What to wear to Disney World

Shoes: Reebok Classic Met Diamond | Pants: American Eagle | Utility Jacket: Maison Jules for Macy’s | Minnie Ears: Disney | Cheetah Print backback: Disney 

First, think COMFORT! It’s all about those feet!

What to wear to Disney World

I wore my comfiest shoes, these Classics Reebok Met Diamonds. Tan leather with sparkles on the back, duh! Disney worthy for sure. Would you believe these are my first ever Classic Reeboks?! Yup, growing up I wasn’t much of a sneaker girl. 

Disney World

Next, it was a cold and rainy day so I layered up with this Maison Jules utility jacket. Light weight but still comfy and cozy enough to keep me warm! Of course I wore some American Eagle jeggings because STRETCHY, thats why! I’m all about comfort these days.

And always always top your outfit off with some Minnie Ears! I’m telling you, I’m a 5 year old at heart and I’m completely ok with it.

What to wear to Disney World What to wear to Disney World

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What to Wear to Disney World!

17 thoughts on “What to Wear to Disney World

    1. I live in Fort Pierce, FL on the east coast. You MISS th humidity?!?! oh my goodness haha. It’s all I know ( I’ve lived here my entire life), but I never heard anyone say that! haha

  1. Your pics are great! We’ve been living in Tampa for over two years and haven’t made it to Disney yet! SHAMEFUL! It’s definitely at the top of my FL to-do list.

  2. Hello Tiffany, you are looking so cute in this outfit. I will definitely share this information with my niece who is going to Disney world next week. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful blog.

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