Best Way to Spend Valentines Day

We’re getting closer! Closer and closer to valentines day, that is. You guys already know my feelings about the day. I love it, but I also love to know different ways to celebrate it! Like a night in with fancy clothes, DIYs and take out food or a new adventure like Dining in the Dark! 

I will say, however, no matter how unconventional I like my Valentine’s Day to be, I always love a good bouquet of fresh flowers!! Read on to see how to have the best vday: 

How to have the Best Valentines Day EVER:

quality time:

To me there is nothing better than getting to spend quality one on one time with your babe. Life gets so hectic with work, family, LIFE & to balance it all isn’t always easy. Instead of going out on the most hectic date night, stay home, light some candles, break out the champagne and just chill. 

bottle of champagne:

Everything is better when bubbly is involved. Also, I recently learned that champagne has less calories than any other alcoholic beverage. CHEERS! 

fresh flowers:

Flowers just add to the ambiance (and smell amazing, duh). I also love the idea of giving/receiving flowers. It’s just a nice way to let someone know you love them and you’re thinking about them. 1-800 Flowers makes it super easy to place an order and ship them out the same day! 

1-800 Flowers i offered 20% off exclusively through my link! 

Visit 1-800-Flowers to purchase the perfect Valentine’s Day flower arrangement to show that special someone just why you love them!

Then, let me know in the comments below how you enjoy spending your Valentines Day! 


10 thoughts on “Best Way to Spend Valentines Day

  1. I definitely agree that the best way to spend valentines day is at home with your loved one! One of my favorite Valentines days was when my significant other gave me the gift of a nice new blanket, my favorite candy and a new movie. Cuddling up for the night was just what was needed.

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