Loews Sapphire Falls – Where to stay in Orlando, Fl.

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things to do (and places to go) is Orlando, FL. I swear I’m still a 5-year-old but I’m completely OK with that. You probably have noticed the frequent visit through my Instagram. This time I went up to try out the new Loews Sapphire Falls Resort  – it’s so new it still SMELLS new. Is it weird that I love the smell of new carpet? Don’t answer that.

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort:

The room, the details, the food.

Sapphire Falls

The Room

Wow. Above is the view from our room. Pretty amazing for Orlando.. you know because there are not beaches or water to over look. We were booked in the Lagoon View – which went above our expectations. 
If you’ve never been to Orlando, the Lagoon is what connects you from the hotel to Universal Studies, Islands Of Adventures and City Walk. One boat right through the Lagoon and you’re having fun at the Theme Park! Major plus because you won’t have to drive in this crazy Orlando traffic. 

All the tropical feels! And that board of chocolate? Yup, so cute. When we checked into the room my first surprise was this plate of chocolate. Talk about hospitality – they know the way to my heart! Next I found a hand-written letter from their Complex VIP Manager, do you know how excited that made me? Hand-written anything trumps a verbal “enjoy your stay”. 

But wait, there’s more. They send text messages to their guests right after checking into your room, asking if there is anything you need. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten to a hotel room and realized I needed something else. They are thinking about it before you’re even thinking about it. Again, love this personalized touch. It’s everything I would expect from this resort. 

 The Details

Holy details. Every wall, every tile, even the ceilings are decked out! Does this not make you as happy as is makes me?! Ok, don’t answer that either.

We had buffet style breakfast at Amatista Cookhouse and late night bites at Strong Water Tavern – complete with all the tavern feels a giant glass fireplace and a rum guide! Which makes for an amazing place to gather with friends. You guys also know I’m such  sucker for learning different liquor cultures and tastes. 

Loew's Sapphire Falls - Where to stay in Orlando, FL

Sapphire Falls

Sapphire Falls

Loew's Sapphire Falls

Sapphire Falls

Sapphire Falls

Sapphire Falls
Sapphire Falls
Sapphire Falls

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort has moved its way to my favorite hotel to stay in Orlando.  All the details, the personal touches, the fact that they allow DOGS – I’m coming back! 

Tell me, do you have a favorite hotel to stay at? Have you tried Sapphire Falls yet?


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  1. This is a gorgeous post! I love the commentary and the photos, and I live in Florida … LOL But I’ve not spent any real time in Orlando, to be honest, now I want to go. xoxo Robin

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