Layering with Leather for Fall

layering with leather for fall - arrows & aweFirst of all, what is fall? What is winter? Florida gets only a few days every year of weather that requires jackets. That is why layering is so important when it comes to FL. I’m a fan of keeping it simple, so layering with leather just makes sense for me. It’s classic, timeless and so warm. It basically saved my life when I was in NY  and didn’t know how to handle the cold. 

I’m honestly a little upset I haven’t owned a leather jacket prior. While the days are typically pretty hot in the “winter”, the nights can get pretty chilly. I’m talking… anything below 70 degrees and I’m dying of frost bite. All I know if 80 degree + weather! 

Also, I’m really enjoying wearing it over the shoulders without actually wearing it. I’m such a rebel. Jk, it honestly just makes me feel pretty confident and powerful. 

What trends are your looking forward to this fall? Personally, it’s layering up and wearing big sweaters. Sweaters in general make me feel so comfortable. The kind of comforting comfort.. you know?

layering with leather for fall - arrows & Awe

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9 thoughts on “Layering with Leather for Fall

  1. Very nice look. I’m jealous for your winters in Florida! I live in Ireland and here’s a complete opposite – very few days when you can wear shorts and a t-shirt …

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