3 NYFW Takeaways + Recap

NYFW RecapWowweee, seems like forever since I’ve done anything on the blog. I guess because it has. So, New York was even more than I Imagined. For some reason going there was like a fairytale for me, only because I have never been there, only seen it in movies, and couldn’t believe I was actually there. As you read in my What I’m Packing for NYFW blog, I was able to bring my little sister with me and she was in awe (see what I did there) just as much as I was. Needless to say, I have probably asked Jose to take me back to NY at least 15 times since I’ve been home. 

My trip did get a little messed up towards the end because of Hurricane Irma. Thankfully my family and home made it through the storm with no damage. However, my flight was canceled as a result and it left me kind of going crazy trying to figure out how I was going to get home. I am a mess when I don’t have a plan. But, enough of that. On to NYFW!

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Since my sister and I had never been there, we tried to fit so much into our schedule. We wanted to sight see and do NYFW ,which caused us to be late to our first show and completely miss it. But, we met up with other bloggers for lunch. So, it’s still a win. I also had plans to meet with H&M, but they had to reschedule and unfortunately I was only in NY for a short period of time. 

We attended the Shop Mixology launch party in Time Square, did tons of shopping on 5th ave, ate all the hotdogs, had fun at the Style Collective party and met so many other bloggers. 

3 Takeaways of NYFW:

Invest in Shoes! 

I kind of think this is a life lesson.. If you’re going to buy heels please do not buy cheaply made shoes! My personal favorite brand is Giani Bini because they fit my feet perfect and I’ve been able to wear them for hours. I wore those shoes for hours walking up and down the streets of NY and my feet did not hurt. 

Stick to your NYFW schedule

Actually use the schedule you put together! We were late for things, the traffic was nuts, we tried to fit in things that were not on our schedule and it just didn’t work. So, do yourself a favor and create your schedule and stick to it. 

 The Inspiration is REAL

I had no idea how inspired I would feel after going to NY. It actually gave me even more inspiration to bring A&A to the next level. NY kind of gave me the OK to get as unique with my wardrobe as I need to. I mean, girls are casually drinking coffee in outfits that look like they are straight from an editorial shoot. My new motto is: Dress like you live in NY.

I cannot wait to do it again, but hopefully next time as a much more established blogger. The only thing I wish I did different was got to know a little more of what NYFW could offer me. But, I’m taking this run as my trial and I’ll be better prepare next year !

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