Items on Repeat: 003

Time for another round of Items On Repeat. This is where you’ll see me rounding up my monthly favorites from home decor to beauty and anything in between. 

Here are 8 items I’ve either received in the mail  or cannot stop using form October! 

 1.Skin Foodie: You guys are seriously loving this specific product from Skin Foodie. I don’t blame you either! It’s made with amazing, natural ingredients and whipped to perfection. Seriously like smearing butter all over your body. SO GOOD. This will make a great Christmas gift, also. 

You can read about all of my favorite Skin Food by Ab products here

2. Snow Glow Pallette: This is a Sephora Collection c/o Sephora. You guys saw in IG when I got this and I have already incorporated it into my daily routine. It’s got 2 highlighters, 2 transform colors, a blush and bronzer. I’m a simple girl when it comes to my makeup (well, life.) and this palette has everything I need in one place. The transform colors are iridescent and just give your skin an extra glow. So pretty!

3. Dark Angel Antibacertial Brush Set: This is a Sephora Collection exclusive for their holiday sales. I am IN LOVE.  Partly because I love when all my brushes match and partly because these brushes are antibacterial.  They are super soft and apply the makeup even. I have been using it none stop since they sent it. 

4. Shaklee Youth BB Cream: Been LOVING this product line! I had the pleasure of trying their YOUTH Skin Care line when they gifted it to me and absolutely fell in love with the youth activating BB Cream. I had been using it primarily on the weekends when we are at the FSU games because it’s packed with SPF 30! That’s a must for me. Also, its full of vitamins and leaves your skin looking dewy. 

5. Old Navy Booties: They are ACTUALLY comfy. I have a shoe rule. No should is worth the money if they are not comfortable. And I will spend any amount of money to have shoes that are comfortable. & they’re only $40

6. BDG Jeans: This should be no surprise. I cannot stop wearing these jeans. They fit my thighs perfect. 

7. Amika texture spray: LOVE! After curling my hair I spray this texture spray in and it keeps the curling exactly where they need to be without being sticky. 

8. Kenra Anti-Frizz Spray: I have been on the hunt for the best way to keep my hair safe from humidity. I use this spray after my detangled and hair oil. It has worked wonders in this FL humidity.  

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