Table for Two + DIY Potato Stamp Napkins

Table for twoDoes anyone else not really get too crazy about Valentine’s day?! The stuff they put out is super cute, but I don’t know what I necessarily love the whole idea of it. I don’t really like going out and getting all fancy to fight for a table at the cute restaurant downtown.  I don’t really understand the hype around it. That’s what made this idea come to life, plus I needed a good excuse for a fun DIY. So, today I bring you a table set for two and  DIY potato stamp napkins! 

I introduced you guys to Jose on my Instagram & you all loved him! So, I thought it would be fun to do this type of post with him. We’re setting the table, doing DIY potato stamp napkins and dancing in the living room! That’s my idea of the perfect Valentine’s day.

DIY Potato Stamp Napkins:

Poster board
Acrylic Paint

To begin, get your potatoes & knife. I just started carving away. The easiest thing I could figure to do was little hearts. They actually became hearts due to a failed attempt at arrows. We don’t want to talk about that.

Once you have your potatoes cut, lay out the linens on the poster board – the poster board will protect the surface from getting paint on it. 

Next, brush your potatoes with the paint and stamp away! I recommend have an idea of that you want the end product to look like. I just wanted to go straight into it! 

This paint can take up to 7 hours to dry, so let’s make that floral centerpiece!

Floral Centerpiece

I took a trip to Fresh Market and picked out the prettiest pink blooms I could find and layered them how I wanted them to look in the vases.

I have had this concrete block for forever, so I was excited to use it for my block of roses. 


Set the Table:

If you watched my Instagram stories, you saw that I went to my local antique shop and picked out 4 of the cutest candle stick holders, ever. 1 amethyst, 2 brass and 1 white one. I will also be re-purposing these through my home. 

Grab a glass for water and a glass for the bubbly! Your napkins should be dry now, too.

Table for two

Once you’ve got it together, pour a glass of bubbly and dance in the living room!

I would love to know, what are you plans for Valentine’s Day?! Do you celebrate? Or do you do something unconventional like this?!

19 thoughts on “Table for Two + DIY Potato Stamp Napkins

  1. This is very creative. What made you chose a potato to create this? The centerpiece is so pretty. LOVE the different size and style vases and stands. The plates have a pretty detail and color; really pretty.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Where do I start!? Everything about this post is beautiful!!! Your photos are absolutely stunning! I love those napkins! Glad I foundyou and your blog! Have a great Thursday 🙂

  3. Super cute and meaningful! I agree and my husband and I stopped going out for Valentines day years ago. Over priced and not worth it. Now we cook at home and just chill. To us its just another day because every day should be Valentines Day 😉 <3

  4. I have never thought about using a potato as a stamp?! Such a cool idea! You are absolutely amazing at arranging flowers too. This is such a great idea for Valentine’s day- we are more into low-key stuff here too!

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