9 Best Date Ideas & Advice from Bloggers!

Table Set for TwoWell friends, Valentines day is creeping up on us! But more importantly that special date night is coming up! I’ll admit, Valentines day has never been one of those “holidays” I celebrate. I love the meaning behind it but I don’t see the point in getting dressed up and waiting hours to eat at the fanciest restaurant in town. Can you just give me chocolates and tell me I’m pretty please? Oh and wine, I’ll take a lot of wine. You even saw in my Table for Two post that we’d rather dance in the living room, do a DIY and chill on VDay. So, I took it to the bloggers & creatives to see how they do date night! Here are the best date ideas & advice! 

Best Date Ideas & Advice:

“My favorite thing to do with Jose is make some kettle corn, crack open one of those craft beers (shout out to Sweet Water!) we bought to try & watch a movie cuddled on the couch with our babes, Jax & Diego.  Put those phones away and be in the moment!”

Tiffany at Arrows & Awe
Instagram: Arrows & Awe

“Treat every date as if it’s the first date” What i mean by that is, no matter how long you’ve been dating, together or married, quality time is so important and if you have children or a busy schedule, QT is seldom. So put your phone away, dress to impress, just pour all of your attention into your lover like its your first date.”

-Lauren at Look What Lg’s Got Cookin

“I like doing things adventurous! This weekend, we are going to a restaurant where a three course meal is served in the pitch black! It’s called Dining in the Dark. New experiences are always the most memorable to me – sky-diving, day-tripping, we recently went curling! Fun adventures!”
Instagram: @jennalynnphotog
“One of my favorite date ideas is making homemade sushi! Go to the market and pick up the ingredients together and just have fun with it! It’s really rewarding and oh so delicious! And even if you make mistakes you’ll make wonderful memories”
-Skylar at Styled by Skylar
Instagram: @styledbyskylar 
“We can’t manage to get on a weekly date night schedule, but for the last 11 years, my husband and I have had our Annual date night to the Dave Matthews Band Concert here in San Diego. Even when our first daughter was brand new, my husband’s parents flew out to watch her so we could go! The only year we missed was the year DMB didn’t tour.”
– Alicia at The Dancing Tapestry
Instagram: @thedancingtapestry
“My husband and I spent the evening building a decorative hanging planter last month. I was going to build it on my own in the morning, but team work prevailed and we ended up having so much fun DIYing together! We had drinks and snacks on the go, and working together to build something was really kind of sweet. We’ll definitely be doing a DIY date night again soon”
 “My favorite tradition with my husband for Valentine’s Day is to try a new restaurant. We have our go to spots that we love, but we both really enjoy exploring a new place and trying great food together! Food can connect people in such a unique way, and I love the romance in the phrase, “Oh my gosh, this is amazing, you have to try it”
“This year for Valentine’s Day my husband and I are going to get a babysitter and go to one of those trampoline parks. It will be great to relax and do something fun together!”
-Devon at U Ready, Teddy? 
“My husband and I like to make a list of our favorite comedies (or any genre) and enjoy eating ice cream with a movie marathon.”

-Crystal at Busy Mom Diary 
Twitter: @busymomdiary1

What are you best date ideas? Let us know in the comments below! 


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15 thoughts on “9 Best Date Ideas & Advice from Bloggers!

  1. Some great advice!

    I wish I could give some advice, hubby & I don’t get date nights. We are not close to family to keep our son. And his 2nd shift schedule sucks. :/

  2. I think my favorite advice is from Look What Lg’s Got Cookin. I want to treat all of my dates like they’re the first, it makes things more special that way.

  3. I’m so excited because I haven’t had a “Valentine” in awhile. We went to a gallery a few weeks ago and were told one of the painters will be doing a live session on Valentine’s Day evening so it’ll be something totally different.

  4. Love these date dips. Our latest favourite thing for date night is to go to tasting menus at a fancy restaurant. WE only do this for special occasions like our Wedding anniverasy.

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