Favorite Lingerie Brands (that aren’t Victoria’s Secret)

It’s not that there is anything wrong with Victoria’s Secret, in fact, I live for the VS Fashion Show every year. 

It’s just that.. I really enjoy purchasing lingerie that is less than $70 for some string. Or at least $70 for a bra and undies.. because then I feel like I’m actually getting quantity and quality. 

I have a special place in my heart for undies. I am very well known in my house for having new undies be the only thing that can cheer me up. Weird, I know. But, apparently when I was a little girl my mom would bring me to the store and let me pick out anything I wanted… and it was always princess undies that I wanted.

So, as I’ve gotten older obviously I got away from the princess undies and I’ve set out to find some different places to purchase. I like options.

I’m currently super into lace, no show and bralettes because #ittybittytittycommittee

My Fave Lingerie Brands:

Hanky Panky: Found this one at Nordstrom when they were having an annual sale. The panties are lacey and actually fit perfectly. AKA no slipping around under your pants. 
Adore Me: I have shopped them for years! It’s a subscription based company which I can totally get behind. You pay 49.99 a month and get a set sent to you monthly.

And they are actually quality..

ASOS: If you have not checked out the lingerie section on ASOS you’re seriously missing out! The carry so many different brands, which is my favorite part, and they’re all pieces you wouldn’t normally see any where else. Brands like Free People are stocked at ASOS! 

They’re also not raunchy at all.. you can get cute pieces to go under your outfits that make you feel put together and feminine. 

Wear Lively: This is a recent for me. They offer more of your everyday undies and barrettes. Which are my new thing actually. So easy and simple and no padding which is just annoying anyway. 
We are Hot As Hell: I found this brand when I went to Miami Swim Week last year (which I cannot wait for this year!). If you’re looking for quality pieces that are quite literally.. hot as hell.. check them out. They are a little bit more pricey, but you get what you pay for I suppose & it’s not a brand everyone knows about. .Even if you’re just looking for a cute bodysuit – they have it. 

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