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As you guys know, I’m always late to trends. I like to just think that everyone else is working out the kinks before I try it out. Ha. 

Today I’m talking about collagen. It’s still such a buzz word and you probably see many of your fave bloggers talking/raving about it. Well, there is good reason. 

This originally came about when I started experiencing major stomach pains after eating certain things. So, I took to WebMD to self diagnose the problem, where I pretty much determined I have bad gut health.  Seriously, gut health can cause all sorts of weird things like bad digestion (obviously) and even brain fog. 

My self diagnosis led to a rabbit hole of gut-healing searches on Pinterest where I found out that the solution was to take a Collagen supplement ( along with a few other things). 

Collagen is basically the answer to everything (more on that later). It’s a protein made up of amino acids which  naturally occurs in your body to help regenerate. Amino acids assist in the regrowth of the lining of your stomach, which ultimate leads up to better digestion << The answer. 

The pain I was having was so bad that I made becoming gut healthy part of my 2018 resolutions. 

But that isn’t it.

The reason I say it is the answer to everything is because, not only is it going to help with gut health, but it supports growth of your hair, nails AND improves elasticity, reversing the sign of aging in your skin. This specially important for girls that get a lot of sunlight. Sunlight thins out your skin & guess what? Collagen helps it become supple again. 

You can get your collagen fix in all kinds of ways, too. I’m currently taking Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate & Blackberry in a powder form every morning in my smoothie. One scoop a day and I can already feel/see the growth in my nails. The taste is amazing, too. Recipe to come. 

Another way to get your Collagen fix is through amazing skin care. You guys know I live by the  Elemis Pro-Collagen line.  Anything to prevent wrinkles & keep my skin hydrated. I’m specially attached to the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm and the Pro-Collagen Marine Oil – Life. Changing. 

I also just think that one of the best things you can do is invest in great skincare. 

Overall, get yourself  a good collagen supplement. It has way too many benefits not to take advantage of. 

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