The Embroidered Shoes your Closet Needs!

By now I’m sure you’ve seen these shoes already in my Insta posts and this most recent post, but I love them so much you get to see them again styled differently! Plus, we have to talk about this embroidery trend happening right now. I’m in love ! First, it started with the denim – all the embroidered denim from jackets to jeans. I was instantly drawn to the rose embroidery the most. While shopping online at Francesca’s one day I saw that they had these AMAZING embroidered shoes by Dirty Laundry. Instant love, but they were $75! Sorry, but I’m not usually the one to splurge on shoes unless they are my running shoes or heels. I thought about them for what seemed like ever and my rule is: If I’m thinking about them days after I saw them, I really want them. I went back to Francesca’s and they were having a 25% off deal on shoes that day so you better believe they were mine for $55 !

Keep your eye out, Francesca’s loves to do sales like that! I love them even more now because I feel like I got such a good deal. 

Shoes: Francesca’s Closet

Something I’ve recently learned about myself is that I love to keep my outfits simple and add just one pop of something. In the case of this outfit it’s business on the top and party on the bottom! 

My Friend Lauren from Look What LG’s Got Cookin and I were twinning for this shoot. So Cute !


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