Weekend with the Mazda CX-3

Ok, so if you follow on Instagram I’m 100% sure you didn’t miss that I had the opportunity to work with Mazda for a week (and that I named her Molly). We got to test out the 2018 Mazda CX-3 and holy cow. It did not  disappoint. We took it one  little road trip to Tallahassee, FL which is 5 hours from my home. This car made it feel like I was driving on a cloud. The best part though?  $30,000. Before I even get into the good stuff,  just know that I’m seriously considering purchasing this car. It’s an SUV, but not a huge SUV. It is fully loaded with amazing white leather interior. You may think I’m crazy, but I’ve never owned a brand new car sooo.. this is all amazing to me. LOL. 

Anyway, we took it up to Tallahassee to watch FSU lose. Joe would kill me if he read that, but it’s true. We’re season ticket holders and it’s been rough. The only good thing about going up there is the fun restaurants and seeing old friends. 

Places we love in Tallahassee:

The Lucky Goat Coffee : We always stop here before heading home for a Tally Bomb. Their coffee is just so fresh and easy to drink. Plus, the atmosphere is amazing. 

Tin Lizzy’s: This is a new place in College Town that we just went to for the first time. Amazing food and fun atmosphere after the games!

Maple Street Biscuit Company: Delish breakfast spot. Always super busy, but it’s worth the wait. Love the atmosphere and it’s within walking distance of everything. 

Urban Outfitters: How could I not include this? It’s within walking distance from the hotel we typically stay at.. so, duh.

But, enough of that, here are a few features I fell in love with on the Mazda CX-3 

Cruise Control: Ok, yes I have always had cruise control and this isn’t new to me, but this is a different kind. The car had a sensor on it that captured the car in front of me while on cruise control.. as the car in front of me sped up.. the car sped me up… as the car in front slowed down.. the car slowed me down. I am convinced it’s self driving. 

Bose Sound System: IKR! I’m a major fan of listening to good music while driving and this car came equipped with a Bose sound system. Ugh! We had a dance party all the way to Tallahassee. 

Navigation: Ok so, she has navigation, but that’s not all. She speaks to you like Siri does to tell you when you need to slow down because you’re approaching a Red Light Camera.. I was both offended and impressed. I’m a speed demon, but I don’t want anyone calling me out on it, MOLLY. 

SO good on gas: Jose got in the car and told me it only cost $25 to fill her up. Which is normal to me, but being that it’s a bigger car I thought for sure it would have bigger gas tank and cost way more. 

Blind Spot Sensor: There are lights in the side view mirrors that tell you that a car is in your blind spot. YES! This is soo important to me. 

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