Stay Motivated to Workout

I’ve had my share of hating working out and not wanting to work out, but I always keep coming back to it.

I grew up playing sports like soccer and was even a dancer. In high school I was on the swim team and restricted myself from eating sugar because it made me feel like I couldn’t hold my breath lol! 

Fast forward to today, I still keep myself on a pretty good workout regime and have pretty much always weighed the same since HS. The only thing that has changed is where/how I workout. 

I work out at home. Alone. In my spare bedroom & I love it!

I know, you probably think I’m crazy because it’s not always easy to stay motivated to workout when you don’t pay for a gym membership. But, one thing I’ve learned is if you have to force it, it won’t happen. For me, I chose to workout at home because I live so far from any gym I would actually go to. I also feel as though I’m saving myself so much time by just going into my spare bedroom. & in my life right now, time is very important.

Stay Motivated to Workout:

find a workout you love: i’m currently doing the Kayla Istines BBG. I’ve done it for years and love it! It is a HIIT workout for 28 minutes that can be done with body weight only in my spare bedroom. & I always feel sore (love that feeling!). Finding a workout you love is def key! You’ll be more likely to go home and get it done if it’s something that you actually feel good about. 

eat right!: This is so important because when you don’t fuel your body properly you are going to leave yourself feeling fatigued.  Start your day with something like my Chocolate Collagen Smoothie – full of protein, hyaluronic acid and collagen of course. You can also be like high school Tiffany and avoid sugars! IMO it makes you breathe so heavy and makes me feel fatigued. 

know how good you will feel: When I’m in a rut the number one thing I do is workout. I let it alllll out when I’m working out. I mean.. heavy breaths and all. I always come out of a workout feeling like a new person with more energy than I had going into it. True story: One time I was sooo mad at what a boyfriend did (eye roll), that I went outside and ran sprints until I got over it. And damn did I get over it. 

be consistent: Once you get started, don’t stop. It’s so hard to get back into a good workout regime after you’ve let yourself slack for a long time. 

reward yourself: I often reward myself for being consistent with a new workout outfit. I’ve been subscribed to Ellie Activewear for about 6 months now and I love it! I get a new outfit every month with 2 workout accessories for $49.99 a month. I love it! 

You can also try it out for 15% off your first month with code ARROWS15

How do you stay motivated to workout?

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