Prepare Your Closet For Fall

Prepare Your Closet For FallIt seems kind of weird for me to be writing something that has “fall in the title, living in Florida and all. We don’t really get a fall or winter for that matter. However, I realize a lot of you guys do.So, while I was purging my closet, making room for new purchases and donating what I don’t wear anymore I figured I would let you guys in on my process.

First of all, I literally love to get rid of things. I have a hard rule when I’m shopping: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, I don’t buy it. That is typically how I stop myself from having too many things. But, there is nothing more satisfying than donating clothes that no longer serve/fit you and clearing up space. I feel like that when purging anything in my life.


Prepare Your Closet For Fall

Pull Everything Out

If you’re going to do this right, you need to be able to clearly see what is hiding in the back of that closet. I quite literally pulled all of my shoes out, all of my clothing and laid them out for me to see. Who knew I owned 3 ugly christmas sweaters?! 

Try It On

 So, now you’re staring at everything in a pile go ahead and start trying it on! This will help you know if you want to donate it/toss it. Does it still fit you? Does it still fit your style? If it’s in good condition, donate it. If not toss it out. I honestly do this a little more than I’d like to admit. 

Put It Back & Organize!

lol , sorry I just made you take it out just to put it all back. But, I love starting with a clean slate and being able to reorganize everything. Since we’re trying to prepare your closet for fall, start by putting your sweaters/cardigans on the left (or closest to the front of the closet). Followed by dresses, jeans, long sleeves, short sleeve shirts. I am pretty obsessive over my closet so I try to put the biggest/longest items to the left working my way to the smallest so it create a vertical line.. does that even make sense. Told you I’m obsessive over it. 

I have a clothing rack I keep in my room (pictured) where I keep a curated collection of clothing. It’s usually items I’m getting ready to shoot or will be packing for something coming up. Right now It’s curated to reflect my looks for NYFW. I’m a visual kind of girl! Seeing it all out in front of me seriously helps. & what can I say, curation has kind of come along with being a blogger.

There you have it! How to Prepare your closet for fall (or seriously any season). Pull it all out, try it on, donate it and put it back up! 

I challenge you to do this soon, I swear you’ll feel so good after. 

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  1. Tiffany this post is so timely for me. My closet is too messy that i really want to fix it up but just cant get enough time but this time its a high time and your post is something which will encourage me to do this. Thanks tons for sharing this post.


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