Pop of Color to my Small Balcony

This has been a long time coming! It has taken me nearly 4 years to decorate the small balcony in the back.  It’s not because I didn’t want to , it’s because I never found the right pieces for my space! I’m one of those people who waits to find the perfect pieces for my home. I also never knew how long we were going to be living in this condo, the thought of buying something that I wasn’t sure would work in my new space was just crazy. 

But, I’m so happy I found the perfect patio set from Target and have begun bringing in the pops of color  with Monrovia plants! My decor scheme is forever minimal with black, white, woods and neutrals – it’s just so clean! The pops of green bring in the perfect pop of color.  

Over the weekend I visited my Lowe’s Garden Center in search for the cutest plants. I specifically went looking for plants  that only needed partial sun, because my patio only gets the sun for a few hours a day. 

I have had this long pallet in my patio for quite a while, so when I set off the Lowe’s I knew I wanted to find plants that would be small enough to fit in my pallet & these Goldilocks Creeping Jenny plants are so perfect. They  just cascade with green. I wasn’t sure if they would fit so now that I know they do, I’m going back for more! 

Imagine how pretty that will be when the pallet is completely filled with these plants by Monrovia

I also found this Moon Light Philodendron it only needs partial sun and  adds so much to the balcony. It’s that slightly lighter pop of color that helps add dimension and I’m in love! 

Monrovia made it really easy to shop for the right kind of plant for my small balcony with minimal lighting. Each Monrovia plants has a wealth of  information right on the tag – that is how I knew these plants only needed partial sun! 

I’m so happy with how my small balcony is turning out, just in time for spring! 

You can check out Monrovia on their website and even subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated! 


14 thoughts on “Pop of Color to my Small Balcony

  1. how cute is this?! the plants make it so welcoming — makes we want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or just read outside. We’re downsizing to condo shortly and I was worried about making the space seem homier…. gonna steal these plant and palette ideas! so cute!

  2. Love your patio and those chairs are beautiful by the way. I need to decorate ours as well. It’s a mess right now with all the stuff we have in it. It’s not scattered but knowing it’s not the way I want just make it a mess. Great decorations ideas .

  3. You did a great job with the pieces you chose and the accessories. I can totally relate with how long it took you. I bought my condo 10 years ago and only started decorating my balcony, maybe, 4 years ago and every year I add something or take away or move it around, its never-ending

  4. Great set of photos! Never thought that a balcony could be designed that well. Our balcony is small as well but we have a lot of plants that my husband and I have put there. Anyways, thanks for this article!

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