No More Digital Eye Strain

Remember that one time I went to my first ever blog conference? Yeah, well I was lucky enough to connect with Phonetic Eyewear while I was there.  I was instantly drawn to their booth because I actually wear glasses daily. SURPRISE! I know I don’t show it often in my Instagram (other than insta stories), but I have worn glasses since I was 10! 

 Phonetic has tons and tons of styles to choose from even for me. I love a big classic frame normally in black, but I had been on the hunt for tortoise and they had it.  After trying on a few pairs I instantly fell in love with the Robins in Snow Leopard.  I just so happened to be lucky enough to try these on before I got them, but I’m no  stranger to ordering glasses online. Actualy my last two pairs have been ordered online. On the website there are a few resources to make sure the glasses will fit your frame. My personal favorite is the fact that they have actual people wearing them. 

Aside from the cuteness, I learned that they protect your eyes from digital eye strain – jackpot! Phonetic uses technology that blocks a portion of the blue/violet light emitted from a computer or phone screen. That means it’s for you photographers, bloggers, editors or anyone on a computer all day long. If you didn’t know – the blue/violet lights are what cause digital eye strain!

I’ve had my glasses for about 3 weeks now and I notice a huge improvement on how my eyes feels. I also don’t notice that feeling of straining in my forehead. If you’re a glasses wearer I bet you didn’t even notice you were straining your eyes until you read that sentence. That’s how it was for me.

Ordering with Phonetic was super easy. I had my annual eye exam, got my presciption and ordered my glasses with the updated presciption. But, if you don’t wear glasses and still want to protect your eyes you’re in luck! Phonetic also offers non-prescription glasses!

So head over to Phonetic Eyewear, check out their collections and use code “ARROWS” for 10% off your order!

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