Miami Swim Week Recap

Miami Swim Week Recap - Arrows & Awe

Sometimes I want to give up on this whole blogging life and sometimes I get to go to Miami Swim Week. That sounds horrible lol. Being a “member of the media” i.e a blogger, there are a few perks and being able to go to events like Miami Swim Week and NYFW are some of them. However, it is hard work and its exhausting to try to keep up with!

But,  I wanted to give you guys a little glimpse on what it was like to attend Miami Swim Week.  

The shows ran from Thursday to Sunday night. I only attended the shows on Saturday night because I live almost 3 hours north of Miami. I decided to just attend the shows I could do on Saturday and since Jose doesn’t like to drink, he was my DD.  Also, I didn’t know what to expect so just going one of the days was enough for me. 

The shows we attended were at The W on South Beach – such a beautiful hotel. Everything was so Miami (lol) – the vibe, the decor, the people. I loved it! We attended Gottex, met Annie from Style Collective, somehow got into the Cayman Islands party, drank unlimited rosé, saw other amazing bloggers and saw the new swim line from Sports Illustrated. 

It was an amazing experience minus having to legit FIGHT for a seat at the runway shows. Ok, not literally fight, but if you were not being persistent you were not getting a seat. And standing in heels for 45 minutes isn’t fun. 

My birthday happened to be the day before the show and in typically Tiffany birthday fashion, I just wanted a shopping spree LOL. Jose and my family took me to Downtown in Palm Beach Gardens were I realized the cutest boutique I have been following on Instagram is located- Lola Chiq. I tried on one thing and knew it was perfect for this occasion. I mean.. LOOK AT THIS JUMPER.

Miami Swim Week
Miami Swim Week Recap
Miami Swim Week Recap
Miami Swim Week

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