2 Ways to Enjoy Fireball Jell-O shots!

Today, I bring you Jell-O shots! Not just any Jell-O shots, Fireball Jello-O shots made with Fireball Whiskey!  Perfect for that party you have to attend. No one wants to go empty handed!

I have always been a fan of Jell-O shots. In fact, it is kind of my signature to bring Jell-O shots to any party! This time I wanted to try something new, something different than normal.

Fireball Jell-O shots it is!
Enjoy Fireball Jell-O shots

1. Cherry Bomb Jell-O Shots

These are literally the bomb.  My favorite part is the cherry! The cherry is meant to have the stem left in it so you can pull the shot right out of the cup!

What you need:

1 cup of water
1 cup of fireball whiskey
1 small pack of cherry Jell-O

Maraschino cherries – with stems
Souffle cups
Cooking Spray

1.Microwave water for 3 minutes, add cherry mix and stir until dissolved. Once it’s cooled, stir in 1 cup of fireball whiskey.
2. Spray souffle cups with cooking spray while the jell-o is cooling
3. Scoop into souffle cups,
4. Add cherries and
5. Put in refridgerator for at least 4 hours.

Enjoy Fireball Jell-O shots

2. Cinnamon Apple Jell-O Shots.

Cinnamon apple… sounds good, right?!?! These are amazing! The perfect amount of apple and cinnamon!

What you’ll need

1 cup of apple juice
1 cup of fireball whiskey
1 small pack of Jolly rancher green apple jell-o mix

Souffle Cups
Cooking Spray

1.Microwave apple juice for 3 minutes. Add  jell-o mix and stir until dissolved (pour yourself wine while you wait for it to cool).  
2. Add 1 cup of fireball and stir.
3. Spray souffle cups with cooking spray
4. Scoop into souffle cups
5. Refrigerate for 4 hours 

Super super easy to make! I hope you enjoy!

I have taken these to almost all of the parties I attend. It’s my specialty! As a result, I even get requests to bring them with me!


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