Items On Repeat: Wine, Beauty & Fashion

1 glossier milky jelly cleanser | 2 glossier priming moisturizer | 3 glossier cream blush in beam | 4 rona wine glasses | 5 glossier boy brow | 6 BP mules | 7 ASOS fraleigh mom jeans 

So, I’m a little late on getting this months Items On Repeat out. My goal was to have it out by the end of every month to showcase items I’ve received in the mail and have fallen in love with. However, you know, life happened. But, you know what they say.. better late then never. 

Per usual, you can click the plus sign an any item, click the links under the image or shop the post at the end. Here are 7 beauty, wine and fashion things I’ve had on repeat. Get ready for all things Glossier because I’m obsessed.

1. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser:  Ok, this is AMAZING. It has a kind of unscented yet very familiar scent and is supppper thick. The product pretty much clings to your skin, but doesn’t produce soap suds like normal cleansers. I’m ok with that because for some reason I always thought soap suds dried your skin. To me it’s more of a hydrating cream that is cleansing your skin.  I’m all for that. 

2. Glossier Priming Moisturizer: This came in clutch! This is a super thick consistency and leaves your skin feeling super fresh, which isn’t normal in a moisturizer. I saw this cam in clutch because it feels like eucalyptus on your skin – super soothing and cooling. I used it like crazy after I got a sunburn #wtf. I forgot to wear my foundation with SPF  and that never happens. 

3. Glossier Cream Blush in Beam: Wow. That is all.



Jk. If you guys follow me on Instagram you probably saw when I nabbed this baby. The tiniest bit goes super far and it blends into the skin like butter. I personally love the idea of using a cream blush because it soaks into the skin perfect leaving it glowing instead of matte. 

4. Rona Wine Glass: Ok, I have been eyeing these for forever and I finally had an excuse to purchase them. I am throwing a fun little DIY party this weekend and needed 12 glasses. They are super unique and inexpensive. They are def a Crate and Barrel dupe.

5. Glossier Boy Brow: Boy wow. I have been using this in my brows since I received it. I  in clear so it doesn’t add a tint, although that is an option. 

6. BP Mules: Got these bad boys during the Nordstrom Anni Sale. I have worn them soo much and continue to find new things to wear them with. Super versatile.

7. ASOS Fraleigh Mom Jeans: I don’t know what I made these last because they are number one in my eyes. haha! Asos hit the mark with these jeans, they fit my thick thighs and hit me perfect at the ankles. I have been on the hunt for mom jeans for months now. I am wearing since 28×32. I’m 5’5 for reference.


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