What I’m packing for NYFW

Ekk! You guys!!! As you’re reading this I’m probably on my way to the airport to jet off to NYC. Holy sh*t. If you watch my insta stories you probably already know this. But, this whole idea of going to NYFW kind of happened so sudden for me and I still kind of feel like a fraud for going.

Being a blogger that dabbles in the fashion realm, I guess it can be expected. However, the key word there was dabble. I by no means consider myself a high fashion girl, yet. I feel like I am still evolving into that girl. It’s actually the girl I always wanted to be, but was always too afraid to be. I mean, growing up I used to take scrape pieces of fabric and make skirts for me and my sister. So, to be going to NYFW so early in my blogging career kind of feels amazing but also hasn’t hit me yet lol.

Anyway, I wanted to give you guys a little glimpse of what I will be bringing with me to NYFW. Some of it has yet to be linked because I will be meeting with a pretty cool brand while I am there to pull some looks. How freaking cool is that?  Make sure you follow on IG so you see the behind the scenes. 

Now on to the fun stuff. Here are a few things I’m packing with me. I planned to stay true to who I am and not feel pressured to splurge on the high end pieces. My goal during NYFW is to be  girly, edgy and a little laid back. 

What I’m Packing For NYFW:

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