How I Handle my Focus Issues

Growing up, I always knew I had issues with focusing, but somehow I was always able to handle it. In school I would zone out and find myself thinking about something else. Or the worst, as I was reading I would just drift off mid sentence and forget completely what I read. Ugh that was the worst. 

But, I never really did anything about it or brought it to my moms attention. 

It wasn’t until about 2 years ago when I was just starting my blog, spending every night reading to learn the ins and out and also juggling a full-time job that really noticed the issue. I went to see a Psychiatrist to get some prescription meds because I knew I had major focus problems. 

But, I have always felt like prescription meds are just way too much. I hate that people get addicted to them and probably have crazy chemicals that effect other areas of my body. I’m not cool with that, so I started researching ways to get off the Ritalin and get on something more natural. 

It started with a trip to the local vitamin shop where I was sold over priced vitamins to help me focus. But, it was super helpful because they knew what they were talking about. She sold me a vitamin called “focus” and Rhodiola

If you’ve been around for a long time you know I’m obsessed with vitamins

But, I’m a less is more kind of girl, so I set out to find something that was kinda all inclusive, super easy to take and would be the only thing I needed.

That’s when I found Brain Dust by Moon Juice. 

Brain Dust is an adaptogenic full of superherbs and supermushrooms, which help reduce the effects of stress, clear up brain fog, help with focus, concentration and memory.  Duh, I needed it. 

The biggest problem I felt like I was having was that my mind just always felt foggy and when I would get overwhelmed or my to-do list was too long, I would shut down. The way I feel after taking a tsp of Brain Dust is super calm, like my mind is just.. flowing. 

So, the two ingredients that stuck out to me the most were the Rhodiola and Ginko Leaf Extract. 

Rhodiola is pretty much known to just help you calm down and make you less stressed. Part of my focus issues came from ADD, so my brain was constantly hoping from one thing to the next.  So, Rhodiola helped me a lot. 

Ginko Biloba is known for the effects on your memory. 

I like to think I’m the queen of making lists, but sometimes a girl just needs her memory to be functioning. 

I’ve been adding a tsp of Brain Dust to my morning Chocolate Collagen Smoothie and sometimes even just add it to my coffee or water and go on feeling amazing. 

I ave you guys tried it out? 

Let me know in the comment below!

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