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If you’re new to blogging or looking to switch to Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog | arrowsandawe.comself-hosting, you have come to the right place! I am giving you a step by step guide to starting a self-hosted WordPress blog through Bluehost

After months and months of researching I decided to take the plunge and start a blog! Personally, I started on and gave myself a goal of 100 views.  I told myself if I made 100 views I knew I was committed and wanted to go full swing! While that page view may seem small, it was huge for me! 

My first step was to hit up Pinterest! Pinterest is basically my Google these days. I researched everything from how to make money, Vs., who should host my blog, what is hosting, why do I need to be self-hosted, to how to market myself! The list honestly goes on and on. 

I quickly caught on that was not the platform I needed to be on. I knew I wanted to monetize my blog and does not make that easy. You need to be a self-hosted site for most monetizing companies to even look at you! 

In order to do that I needed to find an awesome hosting site, realizing Bluehost was highly recommended with most bloggers, I decided to allow Bluehost to host my site! Through my link provided, hosting is *3.95 per month! It is super affordable compared to some other’s I’ve seen! Also, they do have a 30-day guarantee if you decide you don’t like their service. 

let’s get started:

1. Choose a Domain

Choosing my blog name took weeks! I sat with my computer and took words I liked, typed them into the thesaurus to try to get different ideas on words.  Make sure it is something you’re going to love years from now. Also, my biggest tip is to keep it something short, sweet and simple. 

2. Choose a Hosting Site 

I was beyond confused by this whole self-hosting nonsense. Don’t worry  – I’ve since figured it out and can now tell you it is a necessity! Having a host is basically like giving your blog a place to live. You have to have a host in order to even get into!

You may be asking,

Why do I need to be self-hosted?

Well, there are a few reasons:

*Give your blog a place to live
*Your domain is free (normally about $15 value)
*WordPress install through Bluehost is free
*Allows for some monetizing
*Have 24/7 tech support
*Free customized E-mail address

It’s worth it!

To get started click here, then use my step by step guide below! 

1. Visit to get started 
Start a WordPress Blog |

Once you’re there  – select “Get Started now”

2. Select your plan
Start a WordPress Blog |
I personally selected the basic package and has worked just fine for me. 

3. Select your domain. 
This is where you can either import your existed domain or create your brand new domain! 

Start a WordPress Blog |

4. Create your account

First, enter your Account info
Next, your package a payment info

Start a WordPress Blog |

Double check that it’s selected on the basic plan and deselect the other options. I personally didn’t pay for any additions to my hosting.

Yay! You’re officially hosted via Bluehost! 

3.  Set up WordPress!

Only a few more steps to get your blog up and running. 


  •  Log in using “hosting”
  •  Now you should see your dashboard! (yay) Click on Install WordPress
  •  Once the widget pops up, click on advanced settings to create a user name and password for the WordPress install.
  • Check your email for something from Mojo Marketplace – SOO EXCITING – this should contain your websites URL.  This will be the URL you use when you need to log into your website to make any edits, write posts, approve comments and more. 
  • Your URL should look like

4. Theme

WHAT WHAT you’re up and running! Now is for the fun part! Making it warm and fuzzy inside! You have options. You can use free themes via WordPress or use Genesis framework to purchase a child theme for the most customization. I will be looking into doing that next.


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I plan on making this a series of blogging resources – any ideas of what I should call this series?


Blogger Resources: 

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some links are affiliate links, but all thoughts are my own. 

12 thoughts on “Start a Blog!

  1. What a great step-by-step guide to getting started! I am looking forward to your next post on themes. That was my biggest struggle when starting; finding a free, customizable theme.

  2. I loved seeing how this is done. I have been on Weebly for about 5 years. I do pay for my own domain and I do make money on sponsored posts and ads, but I have always wondered about switching to wordpress since so many bloggers seem to like it. Thanks for explaining it so well and explaining the bluehost and wordpress connection.

  3. Hey! Thank you so much for sharing all this information! I have been wanting to transfer to a self hosted site for some time now but was confused over all the options. I am currently on and I am wondering if all my current blog posts and follower’s info transfers over easily too? I am wanting to try Bluehost but I am nervous about loosing all I have worked on up till this point. Thank you for sharing!
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