Formula for the Perfect Summer Night

Summer Nights | Arrows & Awe

Summer Nights | Arrows & Awe

Summer Nights | Arrows & Awe

Reason number one on why I’m never leaving Florida: endless summer. Aside from all the humidity and the noseeums.. or sand flease ( yes, that is a real thing – where my florida girls at?!) that eat you alive, Florida is perfect.

If you don’t know by now, I live on the east coast of FL in Fort Pierce. It’s a small little beach town unknown by most, but such a gem if you know about it. I’m a mile from the beach which makes it a perfect little spot after a long day of work to just hang. There is nothing better than relaxing on the sand and watching the waves with good people, good drinks and good food.  With that said, here is my idea of a perfect summer night! 


Bando Lemon Cooler + Pizza + Blanket + Sprindrift® + Good people = The Perfect Summer Night. 

Easy right?  

Cheese pizza is always the answer to a long day, but we off set the unhealthy with the light flavors of Spindrift! Spindrift is sparkling water & real fruit. Yup, that’s it. Real fruit tastes better, anyway.  I have seen Spindrift at my local Target, but if you’re curious to know where else you can find it, check here! Spindrift comes in a variety of flavors like cucumber, blackberry, orange mango and my favorite grapefruit! I think I’m going to use Spindrift to create a better tasting cocktail next! Like Rosé + Spindrift grapefruit… YES PLEASE. 

If you guys follow on Instagram you saw this night unfold. We couldn’t eat the pizza because it was full-blown attack of the noseeums. However, we made up for it by having a pizza party in the car!

Stay Tuned on Instagram! In partnership with Spindrift I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY so you can also have the perfect summer night! It’s going live on Monday!

Summer Nights | Arrows & Awe Summer Nights | Arrows & Awe Summer Nights | Arrows & Awe

*This post is sponsored by Spindrift and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Arrows & Awe possible!

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