Epcot Flower and Garden Fest 2017

I think by now it’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with Disney. I’m proud of it, ok!? I’m never growing up! If you were following along on my Instagram at the beginning of March you may have seen the behind the scenes look at Epcot Flower and Garden Fest 2017! 

Jose and I were extremely lucky to be invited to the media event to experience all the new things going on for this years festival! Can I just say I jumped up and down like a rabbit when I saw that email?!?! I was beyond excited. If you have never been to Epcot, let me preface this by saying it is my favorite Disney theme park. The World Showcase is what gets me and it just helps that there’s beer everywhere. What? I like Disney with a side of beer! 

From now until May 29th 2017 you can visit Epcot Flower and Garden Fest to see all it has to offer. Walk around and look at the beautiful gardens, topiaries and food it has to offer. 

There is so much more Epcot offers, too. like seminars, demonstrations, concerts,  and the all-new farm-to-table dining experiences! I LOVE those events within the event that they offer. At last years Food & Wine fest we took the Whiskey tasting class. That is how I learned so much about Whiskey and tried Byson for the first time.

What to expect at Epcot Flower and Garden Fest :

When you first walk in, make sure you grab your passport! It’s a little book they give you to help you document what you ate and at what station you ate. Fun way to document your day! Jose and I always keep ours. 

You’ll walk the World Showcase, see beautiful Disney themed topiaries, a butterfly garden, outdoor kitchens, herb gardens and more. 

As you walk around the World Showcase, you’ll be tempted to stop at everything single Outdoor Kitchen you see, but let me tell you where you should go! 

What to eat: 


Ok but really, we always go straight to China for the Pot Stickers! 

This year they brought in an Outdoor Kitchen called Florida Fresh. We were able to try out the Key Lime Tart with Toasted Meringue at the media event. OMG. I had no idea I liked that kind of stuff. 

What to drink:

First and foremost, ALWAYS go straight to Mexico for a tequila flight at La Cava del Tequila!  There is always a line to get in because it’s just that amazing. 

Next, head straight to Germany to get yourself a pass for the Wine Walk! Seriously, this is one of Disney’s best kept secrets. $20 will get your 6 wines in 3 different countries in the World Showcase. It’s so much a secret that I just found out about it.. But you better believe I will always do it. You’ll get 6 2oz wines in Germany, Italy and France. YAS.

If you’re not feeling wine, grab yourself a Grapefruit beer in Germany. This was always my go-to until I found about the Wine Walk..

Then, if you’re still feeling frisky, always do a Sake bomb in Japan. Jose doesn’t drink, but this is the only thing he will do with me. I am obsessed. And now I realize I sound like a lush! 

What do you think? Have you ever been to Epcot? I love Epcot the most because I love experiencing the different cultures it’s always so much fun! 

4 thoughts on “Epcot Flower and Garden Fest 2017

  1. Love, love, love Epcot! We just visited a few weeks ago actually. Spring is such an awesome time to visit Epcot, and we just love eating ALL the food at the Flower & Garden Festival.

  2. I’m obsessed with Disney too, we just visited the festival a few weeks ago! We can’t wait for the Food & Wine Festival in October. How did I not know about the WineWalk? The next time I visit, I’m going straight to Germany!

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