DIY Tulle Skirt

Happy July!!! It’s my birthday month! I don’t know about you, but I basically like to make sure I celebrate all month long. Now that I have a blog I thought it would be really fun to bring you all types of DIYs and fun stuff birthday related. So stay tuned throughout the month of July, I have tons of stuff planned! But first, a DIY Tulle Skirt. 

Because every birthday girl needs a tulle skirt!

DIY Tulle Skirt


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Now, Let’s make a Tulle Skirt! 

What you need:

16 yards of tulle
1 yard of fabric for your liner.

Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Sewing Pins

First, measure your liner fabric (and each layer of tulle) to be a 56 x 56 inch square. Once you’ve made it a big square, fold it in half twice.  At the top corner ( the corner where all the fabric meets) is were you want to mark your measurements. 

To find measurements you want to use a body measuring tape to find the circumference of your waist. Once you find it divide it by 6.28. 

Now, I did things the hard way. I took the measuring tape, pinned it to the tip of the fabric, pulled it and marked my where it landed as I went around, with a pencil. When finished it should look like half a circle. The number I used was the circumference of my was it divided by 6.28 .

To find the length of the skirt you want to measure from the top down to the bottom and do the same measuring technique and I mentioned above. I measured mine out to be 22 inches in length for the tulle and 20 inches for the liner. 

DIY Tulle Skirt Tutorial |

Now you can repeat that with each layer of tulle. The layers you use will done on how fluffy you  want it to be. My 16 yards made 8 layers. I will mention, don’t be alarmed if when you look at your piece 

Next, take the elastic band and put it around your waist ( or spot you want the skirt to rest). Use a pin to pin it together as a reference when you sew, leaving about 1 inch of slack. Now carefully squeeze your way out of it. 

  DIY Tulle Skirt-2

Now the fun begins! You can finally start putting all the pieces together. 

First, I sewed the elastic band together. 

DIY Tulle Skirt-3

To reenforce it, I folded those inch pieces of slack back and sewed them to the elastic, too. 

Next, take the liner and pin it to the elastic. It is important to stretch out the elastic in this process. This will help create the bunched up look ( ugh, there has to be a word for that!) 

DIY Tulle Skirt-4

Bring the elastic and the band to the sewing machine and sew away! Carefully removing the pins as you go around.

This part can be a little tricky if you’re alone because you need to stretch the elastic while sewing, while simultaneously pulling the completed process out the back. Luckily, I had the help of my mom to help wrap my head around it. 

DIY Tulle Skirt-6DIY Tulle Skirt-8

Once you’ve sewn on the liner, begin to pin each layer of tulle onto the elastic part.  Be sure to put the pins above where you’re going to sew.

DIY Tulle Skirt-7

Bring the skirt to the sewing machine and sew the final pieces together! 



See how adorable it came out!! I’m way too excited over something I only created to take birthday pictures in. 


DIY Tulle Skirt

I hope I’ve inspired you to get out a great something!

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  1. I can’t believe you were able to make this skirt yourself! It looks so good on you! I definitely would have messed it up. Happy birthday month!

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