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Hi guys! Happy New Year 🙂

Today I am bringing you a fun DIY that will make a great gift! Or even make a fun night of making these with friends!

It’s this #BossLady wine glass I made for me…boss! 🙂

What I used:
Plain Wine Glass
Rubbing Alcohol
Foam Paint Brush
Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge
Metallic Craft paint in Rose Gold
Rose Gold Glitter

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Ok let’s just say I am no pro, but this was a lot of fun to do and give as a gift.

I started by laying out some paper so and prepped the glass.  I used a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to prep the glass.

Once prepped use the foam paintbrush to brush the mod podge up the stem. Sprinkle the glitter all over until fully covered. Let it sit for about 1 hour and then repeat.
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Once you got a few layers on it, go back over it all with the Mod Podge to  seal it all in
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Ahhh isn’t it so adorable! Now it’s time to paint it!
I traced Boss Lady in the font I wanted onto a piece of paper, which I then cut out and taped to the inside of the glass. That way I could trace it! Free hand and I don’t get along..

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I started this using a fine point paint brush and quickly learned it was VERY hard to handle. So, I switched to using a toothpick – which worked wonders!

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You can do a few layers to get the desired look. I did probably about 3 layers.

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