DIY Cork Christmas Tree!

Looky what we have here! I actually found a purpose for all of my saved wine corks!
Every time I open a new bottle I save the cork and what better than to fancy them up into a DIY Christmas decoration 😉


What you’ll need:

Corks (new or old)
Hot glue gun
Scrapbook Paper












Sooo , yeah whatever.. I drink a lot of wine! I’ll admit it! 🙂 🙂 It’s coming in handy though.
The scrapbook paper was found at Micheal’s for $6 and there are sooo many options in there. Each page has a design on front and back.


I arranged and rearranged each cork until I found the person positioning.  Once I found the perfect positions, I took each cork and traced out little circles on the scrap book paper so when I cut them out they fit perfectly

I used my hot glue gun to adhere the paper to the corks.


I left a few of them without and paper on them because I like the bare look of them. That red stained one might be my favorite 🙂 That would be the remnants of a little Pinot Noir 😉


Once I got the paper on each cork I just hot glued each cork together. It is now ready for my Holiday decorating!

Another nice and easy DIY project for you. If you’re a wine drinker like myself, you probably have all of these items.

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