Comfiest sweater by ILY Couture

I’ve been embracing the fact that I am just a lazy person. I prefer comfy sweaters over cute dresses any day of the week. So when I saw that ILY Couture brought out their St Patrick’s Day clothes I had to snag this super cute Lucky sweater

If you’ve never heard of ILY Couture, it is a clothing line created by a fashion blogger, Christine Andrew of @hellofashionblog . You’ve been around a while so you probably read my skin care products post and notice a trend: I’m LOVING buying my products from small, local artisans. I’m also a firm believer in quality over quantity and that is exactly what you find in products made from the hands and heart of small business owners.

& how about that nail color?! It’s “All the Wave” by Essie. Part of their spring 2017 collection. TO DIE FOR! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to find out the colors of nail polish I’m wearing from week to week. I have this thing with the names of nail polish. I choose my colors based off the names. 

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