5 Spring Beauty Faves

Spring Beauty FavesHappy Spring! I still can’t believe it’s the middle of April! It’s got me going all type of crazy, like adding pink to my hair kind of crazy! 

Being that spring is already underway I thought I’d bring to you a few products I’m loving for this season. A few you’ve seen in my Skin Foodie post and a few I haven’t talked about yet. The trend seems to be skin care and hair care for this reason. Plus, I’m all about less is more – and you’ll see why. Here are my spring beauty faves:

Lemon Body Butter | Skin Food

Need I say more? Loving this Lemon body butter right now. It could be because it smells like lemons, how smooth it makes my bod or the fact that it only has 5 ingredients..

Air Dry It | Loreal Hair

So, i received this product to review and I actually fell in love with it. This spring, and going into summer, I’m going to be all about minimalist thing. I have massive amounts of hair so I thought there was no way this product would work in my unmanageable mane. But, fresh out of the shower I combed through my hair and sprayed [a lot] the product all over, let me hair dry and DANG. I don’t know if it ever looked better. 

Look for it next time you go to Target!

Excuse Me, Sur | Essie Polish

If you follow on insta, you know I have a nail polish name obsession. Essie’s spring collection came complete with Excuse Me, Sur. Named after those cali vibes. 

It’s the prettiest pink/coral color and I’m obviously obsessed. 

Time Iron | Tyme 

This is the ultimate time saver. Like I said, I have a ton of hair. The Tyme Iron literally only takes 15 minutes to curl my hair. 

I have a YouTube video coming soon I just have to do the voice over! 

Gimme A Beet | Skin Food

Last, but not least – Gimme A Beet by Skin Food. I love the feeling of this, the flavor is so subtle, it’s so smooth and the best part – it leaves the nicest tint on your lips. Perfect for spring (or any time really)!

What are your spring beauty faves? Let me know below! 

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  1. I love Essie´s nail polishes! I have to give the lemon body butter a try, it sound absolutely delightful! Thanks for sharing this great tips! 🙂

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